Quick Hits: iHeartMedia on programmatic; Virgin’s new partner; Sony/ATV on the block?

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

iHeartMedia talks programmatic: Brian Kaminsky, iHeartMedia’s president of programmatic and data operations, spoke about radio’s digital transformation at Ad Age’s Data Conference. He focused on programmatic advertising and the current radio audience.

Virgin + Guvera in Australia: Virgin Mobile’s U.S. branch just launched a data-free music program, and its customers in Australia are also getting some tuneful perks. The local division has teamed with Guvera to give post-paid users 1GB of additional data on their monthly plans. The deal gives extra data through April 2016.

Is Sony/ATV on the chopping block? Rumors hit today that Sony may be looking to sell off Sony/ATV. It’s the result of Sony reportedly triggering a clause in its ownership of the publishing arm that could see it bought out entirely by one of the two joint owners. “The buy-sell process has been initiated, and it hasn’t been determined yet among the two as to who the buyer and who the seller is,” a source told Billboard, which has a look behind the scenes at what’s happening.

Anna Washenko