Quick Hits: Government podcasts, radio podcasts, and augmented reality audio

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

The government gets into podcasts: NPR noticed that even the federal government is getting in on the podcasting trend. Departments from NASA to the EPA now have shows that give a window into their operations. The skill and quality of production in the 30 shows varies wildly, but does show how pervasive the podcast concept has become.

Duo of blog posts highlight radio and podcasting: Jacobs Media Strategies’ Fred Jacobs penned a pair of blog posts about the relationship between radio and podcasts. The first post encourages radio to be more proactive with internal podcasting efforts, pointing to research indicating the audio format could be an important revenue source. The second post takes a close look at WNYC as an example of how radio can develop a strategy that includes podcast success.

Creating audio for augmented reality: Virtual reality may be the bigger buzzword in tech these days, but augmented reality has the potential to be at least as interesting. Most AR applications focus on visuals, such as the massively popular Pokemon Go mobile game. But how will the tech space be able to complement that visual content with audio? Billboard investigates.

Anna Washenko