Nielsen: Hispanics spend more on music than the average listener

Nielsen released the highlights from its Music 360 report for 2017 at the start of October, but this week it added some further context focused on Hispanic listeners. Among the Hispanic population age 13 and up in the U.S., 93% listened to music in the past year and 59% of respondents said they consider music important. Among the general population, 51% dubbed music important.

The Hispanic audience also showed larger amounts of spending on music. The overall audience spent an average of $156 on music consumption per year, but that average rose to $181 among Hispanics. That demographic particularly favored small live music sessions and club events with live DJs, spending 61% more on that format than the overall population.

This insight from Nielsen echoes a 2016 study from Latin American and Hispanic market specialist Audio.ad. That research also examined rates of music consumption among Hispanics, with a particular focus on the strength of radio among that audience.

Anna Washenko

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