Quick Hits: Audience interest; Peabody nominations; good-bye to PureVolume

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

NPR One and lessons in audience attention: NPR shared some insights on how podcasts can do a better job of keeping their audience’s interest. Tamar Charney, managing editor of NPR One, recommended taking cues from that mobile platform, with tips such as starting with a strong hook and making smart choices about episode titles and descriptions.

Podcasts represent in the Peabody nominations: The Peabody Award nominations have been announced, honoring accomplishments in various media forms. After Serial‘s landmark win in 2015, podcasts have become a more common fixture in the awards program. This year’s eight nominees for radio/podcast include S-Town from Serial Productions and This American Life and Ear Hustle from PRX’s Radiotopia.

Farewell to PureVolume: PureVolume, an early social and music discovery platform, will be shutting down on April 30. After its 2003 launch, the platform grew over the years to serve as a proto-SoundCloud where artists could be discovered by labels and fans. The site gave early boosts to the careers of Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance.

Anna Washenko