Quick Hits: Amazon, T-Mobile, audio expanding the Internet

Brief news items and worthwhile reads from around the web:

T-Mobile: Uncarrier or Unhelpful?: Plenty of criticism is rolling in, following T-Mobile’s announcement of free-data streaming of selected music services. (Report here; Rusty Hodge commentary here.) In this OpEd piece,¬†Carlos Melendez-Torres and Casey Rae of the Futuroe of Music coalition write of the dangers to innovation and fairness. (Future of Music Coalition)

Audio is Expanding the Internet: Author Daniel Reid holds forth in a slickly-designed Medium post on the importance of audio in extending the Internet. Reid’s four main trends driving the importance of audio: connectivity, streaming, personalization, and personality. (Medium)

Lefsetz on Amazon Prime Music: Celebrity media commentator and renowned curmudgeon Bob Lefsetz always presents some combination of sense and vents, in our view, and we recommend him most highly when his disgust is balanced by sharp thinking. Here, he complains specifically about Prime Music’s small catalog, and extends the gripe to broad issues of innovation, worthwhile business strategies, and world domination. (Lefsetz Letter)


Brad Hill