Pureplay of the Day: Cafe Cody

Wednesday lies at the week’s fulcrum point, and can make you feel stranded in a dim purgatory between weekends. At those times Cafe Cody (www.cafecody.com) is the pureplay music station of choice, able to carry you away sonically. Emanating from Palma De Mallorca, Spain … well, look it up, and tell us you don’t want to be there right now.

Cafe Cody markets its programming as “The Soundtrack to Your Life.” There’s more: “CAFÉ CODY is about you and your evolving place in the world. It’s about your growing feelings moving you beyond the ordinary and mundane into your expanded richness and sensuality. It’s about a place for you to abide and flow.” Holy smokes, all that from a playlist? Well, we think it works.

There is definitely a sunset-over-the-ocean feel to the tracks, with lots of acoustic guitar, shakers, soft percussion, unintrusive sax — it’s smooth jazz exotica with a world music tinge.

The lean-back attitude of Cafe Cody is reflected in the site usability. You don’t have a lot of choices, and there’s not much information. Hit the play button and a pop-up controller tells you what’s playing, and the two tracks surrounding it. You’re supposed to be escaping the mundane, remember? Forget about music discovery and fiddling with settings. You’re on a Mediterranean island… –oh, except there is a donation button, of course. Cafe Cody is listener-supported.

Brad Hill