Programmatic ad buying in streaming audio is increasingly important

Alexis van de WyerProgrammatic ad buying is established in web display, but still a fairly new alternative for online radio and streaming audio. “It is a very important that we offer it as part of the mix,” Alexis van der Wyer, CEO of ad-tech company AdsWizz told RAIN. “I strongly believe that although it’s small in volume today, it will continue to grow. It will be an important component.”

van de Wyer will be a featured speaker at RAIN Summit Europe, November 4 in London. Moderating the “Streaming Ad Sales Strategies” panel, he will lead a discussion about¬†sales practices for streaming audio — including direct selling, network and programmatic platforms. We reached out over the phone for a preview.

When we asked how the streaming audio industry can make it easy for advertisers to spend, Alexis van der Wyer emphasized data. “Increasingly, advertisers need specifications about targeting,” he said. Providing data that advertisers get in other buying categories “enables advertisers to include online music, to combine online radio into their standard systems and to measure effectiveness.”

van der Wyer also advocated for more unity among streaming audio stakeholders. “The digital audio business is fragmented. A few companies which are at scale to go directly to buying agencies,” he observed, noting that smaller publishers don’t have the same clout. “It is important to create exchanges that allow agencies to buy into new and smaller publishers.”

The AdsWizz CEO also said that more togetherness would tell a better story to advertisers generally, and create a rising tide for all boats. “The industry should come together and present a story to agencies. What’s different about streaming audio? What’s the value? Publishers are fighting each other instead of coming together with a unified story. Growing the pie is more important than getting market share of a small pie.”

Getting back to programmatic buying platforms, Alexis van der Wyer expressed confidence in fairly quick industry adoption. “[Programmatic buying] audio is probably five years behind display, and two years behind video. But it might grow faster. The catch-up will be pretty quick.”

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