Podtrac July 2017: Neither Serial nor S-Town among the top 20 shows

Podtrac’s top podcast rankings for July 2017 remained mostly consistent with the results from June. The month included just one swap: S-Town dropped out of the top 20 and has been replaced with Panoply’s Revisionist History. Both of the smash hit podcasts from Serial Productions – Serial and S-Town – missed a spot on the chart for the month.

S-Town was a big mover earlier in the year due to its release plan where all episodes debuted at once. The binge approach is a newer strategy for the podcasting industry, but it did lead to impressive numbers and a No. 1 Podtrac ranking for April.

Now that the dust has settled, This American Life remains firmly entrenched at the top of the heap, leading a pack of familiar titles. NPR, the top publisher for most months under Podtrac’s measurement, still has nine shows on the July chart.

Anna Washenko