Podtrac shares publisher rankings for July 2017

The Podtrac publisher rankings showed little change after a comparative shake-up in June. The updates for the latest month are that Radiotopia, a regular name on this list, has been combined with the shows from parent network PRX. Both are now listed together as PRX, and landed at No. 4.

CBS fell out of the top 10 for July, which Podtrac said was caused by changes in the broadcaster’s content management system that required adjustments to implementing Podtrac measurement. WBUR, Boston’s NPR station, took the tenth spot in the monthly round-up.

In terms of audience, seven of the included publishers posted relatively flat numbers between June and July. Across the top 10, total global unique streams and downloads rose 4% from June 2017 and increased 60% from July 2016.

Anna Washenko