POD DROP: New podcasts from Podglomerate, iHeartRadio, Cadence13

Pod Drop features new, interesting, and returning podcasts.

Creative Elements (Podglomerate) – Jeff Umbro, head of Podglomerate, told us this: “Creative Elements is a new interview podcast that’s How I Built This for the creative class […]While most shows talk to artists about their creative process, Creative Elements breaks the mold. On this show, you’ll meet artists who have charted their own path and built a business around their creative talents.” Booked guests include Seth Godin, Jay Clouse, Danielle Evans, Jason Zook, and Val Geisler. [LISTEN]

The Womens’ War (iHeartRadio) – Robert Evans, investigative journalist and host of the Behind the Bastards podcast, is launching this iHeartRadio original. He was embedded with a group of women fighting in the Kurdish Revolution right before Trump withdrew US support. In what iHeart describes as an “intimate miniseries,” Evans interviews revolutionaries from a number of different backgrounds including militia, judges, and farmers. [LISTEN]

Gangster Capitalism (Cadence13) – the show returns for a second season, dropping an intro and two episodes. The season focuses on the national Rifle Association. From the season description: “Internal power struggles have exposed the group’s questionable, and possibly illegal practices which now threaten the nearly 150 year old nonprofit like never before. We’re pulling back the curtain to reveal that this has little to do with guns. It’s about money.” [LISTEN]

Brad Hill