POD DROP: New podcasts from Gimlet/Google, Grow Your Mind, BMW

Pod Drop features new, interesting, and returning podcasts.

Think with Google (Google) – This new pod drop is a marketing show by Google. From the show description: “The Think with Google Podcast is here to help you and your marketing team stay ahead in this ever-changing world. From tools and strategies to interviews with experts, our host Tess Vigeland, is heading to the future of marketing.” The pod is immaculately produced by Gimlet It’s got a weekly cadence, dropping each Thursday (but mysteriously missing March 19, perhaps a Coronavirus fail). Tess Vigeland, who supervises topics like women in the workplace, the power of video, and how to make creative captivating. [LISTEN]

The Grow Your Mind Podcast (Grow Your Mind) – A new podcast by Grow Your Mind, a mental health education group for kids and families, this show is charmingly hosted and performed by 12-year-old kids. Brain boggling facts, animals on walkie talkies, and how broccoli and friendship have more in common than you think. The Grow Your Mind Podcast uses storytelling, interviews and humour to increase children’s understanding of their mental health and ways to be resilient. Three episodes of this more-or-less weekly pod have dropped. [LISTEN]

Changing Lanes (BMW) – Car-maker BMW launches its “official” podcast, with the brand more out-in-front more than a typical branded podcast. Hosts Sara and Jonathan (last names undisclosed) narrate the shows which, in the first three which have dropped, range from funny to serious. The inaugural episode runs down ridiculous laws on the books all over the world, from a prohibition of driving blindfolded to a law against washing the car with underwear. Follow-up shows focus on autonomous driving, and how cars are designed. The show is cleanly produced, informative, funny, and our only hope is the Sara and Johnathan settle into their roles with more relaxation. Three episodes dropped on March 17. Crickets since then; we hope for more. [LISTEN]


Brad Hill