Panoply debuts six shows in its fall lineup, including its first scripted comedy

Panoply Media has unveiled its fall podcast lineup at this week’s IAB Upfront in New York, including its first foray into scripted comedy. The two scripted programs in the lineup came about thanks to the work of John Dryden, who was recently hired as the company’s head of scripted programming. Panoply also has four new shows, including one that emerged from its Pilot Project that involved listeners in selecting podcasts to air.

“True to our name, Panoply is investing in a broad range of podcasts, from scripted comedy and drama, to lifestyle programming, to highly produced nonfiction,” said Andy Bowers, Panoply’s chief content officer. “As more and more people start listening to podcasts, we want to greet them with a wide array of smart, entertaining, and thoughtful programs.”

The fall shows are:

Dexter Guff Is Smarter Than You: Peter Oldring plays the title role in a send-up of business advice and entrepreneurship. Release date was September 7.

Tumanbay: This audio version of the BBC’s hit historical drama brings the story of mystery and intrigue to U.S. audiences. The cast includes Alexander Siddig of Star Trek and Game of Thrones fame.

Haunted: Writer and comedian Danny Robins hosts listeners for a madcap discussion of the supernatural. Each episode will attempt to explain the truth behind a real life ghost story.

Battle Scars: U.S. Army veteran Thom Tran hosts this collection of stories from other members of the armed forces. Debuts November 9.

Family Ghosts: Sam Dingman, a Moth Grand Slam winner, hosts this story-centric podcast. Episodes explore the tall tales of different families, such as a vanished uncle and a jewel-smuggling grandmother.

By the Book: The second season of this podcast begins on November 30. The two hosts live by the rules in different self-help books and figure out which actually have any merit.

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