Omny Studio starts secure sharing of analytics, enabling greater publisher transparency

Podcasting tech company and enterprise hosting platform Omny Studio has announced, through its Triton Digital parent, a new feature called Secure Sharing. It enables podcast owners on the platform to allow outsiders into its podcast analytics suite.

That allowance might seem startling. Aren’t podcast metrics private? Usually yes, except insofar as they are summarized by podcast owners to entities with which they want to develop business. The obvious example is advertisers and agency buyers. Normally, the storytelling about a podcast’s value to an advertiser is based on metrics. What Omny has accomplished here is to remove any anecdotal storytelling, and allow the publishers to grant analytics access to a client or prospective client.

Naturally this must be done securely. No podcast owner wants a third part bumbling around the account, changing settings, accidentally deleting episodes, and other potential and easily imagined nightmares. Triton Digital puts it this way: “This restrictive permission allows publishers to share analytics with a wide range of recipients including cross-company teams, clients, and partners, while eliminating the risks that accompany full access, such as changes to organization or program settings.”

We imagine this as a key tool to be used at the publisher’s discretion, both to sell a show and to verify its performance to existing sponsors. We also anticipate that with the release of this news, buy-side agents in conversation with Omny-hosted publishers might ask to see the actual metrics.

“Through the continuous enhancement of Omny Studio we remain committed to providing publishers with the flexibility and control they need to streamline their podcast operations,” said Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Triton Digital. “The addition of analytics-only user permissions enable publishers to efficiently share episode, program and/or organization level analytics with recipients of their choosing at an access level that they are comfortable with”

Brad Hill