Omny Studio, a division of Triton Digital, expands multilingual support

Triton Digital is announcing that its subsidiary podcast hosting platform, Omny Studio, has expanded its multilingual support for clients, adding German and Italian. Added to existing support for English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Omny now gives a native language app experience in six languages.

Omny’s language facility extends from the content management system (which podcasters use to manage their accounts) to the Omny embedded player (which listeners use to hear the shows).

“The continuous expansion of our platform’s multilingual capabilities enables us to better serve our clients’ increasingly dynamic and global teams,” said Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Triton Digital. “With podcast consumption on the rise in both Germany and Italy, we are pleased to provide creators in these countries with the freedom and flexibility to leverage the world’s most powerful, feature-rich podcast platform in their local language, streamlining their workflow and enabling them to deliver engaging content to their target audiences faster by working in their preferred language.”

“There is no better, more innovative technology than Triton’s Omny Studio for the creation, distribution, and promotion of podcast content,” said Mirko Lagonegro, CEO and Co-Founder of DigitalMDE. “The ability to use the platform in Italian will undoubtedly open up a new world of storytelling and revenue generation for a wide range of Italian-speaking creators, from across Italy and beyond.”


Brad Hill