NuVoodoo research connects smart-speaker ownership with radio-friendly listeners

NuVoodoo is rolling out results of its latest Ratings Prospects Study. It is the 17th edition of this ongoing bi-annual survey work. In the field, the survey questioned nearly 3,500 people ages 14-54 in January. NuVoodoo says the results indicate important insights for marketing radio brands in 2021.

The full findings will be released in a series of four training webinars. CLICK HERE for details.

In the meantime, the company has released a handful of important findings. NuVoodoo says the results ” are good news for audio brands poised to optimize the smart speaker platform in 2021.”

The survey determined that 67% of respondents own a smart speaker:

That’s interesting by itself, and additional context is provided by Mike O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Marketing, NuVoodoo Media Services: “Smart speaker penetration is even deeper among those likely to accept a Nielsen meter. In fact, more than three-fourths of those who would accept a meter are using a smart speaker for audio entertainment, compared to just over half of those who’d say no to being a panelist.”

That seems to be a key to the rationale that radio stations could use smart speakers to promote their brands. O’Connor has more to say about that: ““This segment listens to a lot more radio, too. A small fraction, about one in seven, in the PPM No Group report are listening to radio for a half hour or more each week on their smart speaker. Compare that segment to the PPM yes group, where the percentage who listen for a half hour or more each is over three times as large.”

“The great news here is that smart speakers are in many more homes and that continues to accelerate and provide listeners with greater access to audio information and entertainment, said Carolyn Gilbert, NuVoodoo CEO. “That presents a tremendous opportunity for radio in 2021 and beyond, as stations get smarter about optimizing their brands’ smart speaker positioning. ”


Brad Hill