VuHaus platform sunsets, but lives on at NPR Music

NPR is changing its approach to video content. After four years as an independent stand-alone website, the VuHaus collection of music-related videos from 20 public radio stations has moved to NPR Music. This new microsite is called Live Sessions From NPR Music Stations Across America. While has sunsetted and all content now resides on the Live Sessions page on, VuHaus continues to be the name of the network of public radio stations and the non-profit operating group that runs it, and remains independent of NPR.

The website already redirects to the site, and the VuHaus mobile app is no longer available for download. NPR Music’s ongoing partnership with VuHaus will see the team continue to curate and maintain the video programming on the Live Sessions site.

“Public radio music stations connect and document their local artists in a way that nobody else is capable of,” said WXPN General Manager and VuHaus Board Chairman Roger LaMay. “Live Sessions will connect all these great music cities in VuHaus to a wider audience.”

“NPR Music and public radio music stations share a mission: to serve our audiences by providing a platform for music discovery,” said Lauren Onkey, senior director of NPR Music. “Stations across the country have unique takes on regional, local and national music scenes, and they regularly welcome artists into the studio for one-of- a-kind performances. We’re excited to share the rich collection of videos produced by stations to a broader audience of music lovers.”

Anna Washenko