New Naxos affiliate brings classical playlists to streaming

unCLASSIFIED canvasOne of the common critiques of streaming is that those platforms favor the pop and rock charts to the detriment of niche genres. A new playlisting brand aims to improve the access to classical music on the top streaming services. It’s called unCLASSIFIED, at its goal is to create dynamic playlists based on mood or activity. It’s an affiliate of Naxos Music Group, which includes a large group of classical music experts.

“Classical music discovery is relevant to all music consumers — not just for the core classical music fan,” Naxos of America CEO Jeff Van Driel said. “Through massive catalog availability and expert curation, unCLASSIFIED can reach all streamers of classical music, aiding in discovery and engagement by both new and existing classical music fans.”

unCLASSIFIED already has placements on streaming services including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Napster, and Deezer. It’s current playlists have titles such as “Brain Fuel – Classical Music for Studying” and “Listen to This: New Releases in Classical.”

Anna Washenko