New Doppler Labs earbuds offer an EQ for the world’s noises

Doppler Labs Here One canvasDoppler Labs introduced a new set of high-tech earbuds that combine sound filtering and wireless streaming. The Here One earbuds can stream music from a smartphone, either the local files or from streaming apps. They can even take phone calls.

Here One earbuds leverage and expand on Doppler’s existing expertise in sound filtering. With tiny processors and microphones inside, the earbuds allow listeners to tune out specific frequencies of noise around them while amplifying only what they want to hear. They can set personal preferences or filters through a smartphone app for certain situations, such as reducing white noise at a crowded restaurant without muffling the sound of a dining companion. Here One also features adaptive listening, and will react to other noises happening in real time, such as sirens on the street, even if you haven’t got them pre-set in the app.

This combination of tech means that users can have earbuds in without becoming too isolated from the world around them, or entirely block out the world as they choose. Here One earbuds are available for pre-order for $299, and are expected to ship in November.

Doppler Labs Here One app

Anna Washenko