New digital audio ad firm Audire launches in 3 regions, offers 150M reach with “cost per full listen”

“Dire” — to say or tell, in French. Audire is a new digital audio advertising company making a splashy and feature-rich launch in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

From today’s announcement we know several key points:

  • The new network’s total audience reach is 150-million listeners; 50-million in the U.S.
  • Audire’s addressable audiences are listening to radio (broadcast and streaming), online music, and podcasts.
  • The company brings original AI technology to clients. Called Sonus, it provides audience segmentation and an “ad personalization engine.”
  • Audire promises audience targeting and what it calls “emotionally resonant ads.”
  • Ad campaigns can be optimized in real time, based on incoming performance data.

Notably, Audire offers advertisers a “Cost Per Full Listen” model, which includes a guarantee to the advertiser that their ad investment applies only to ads which are fully heard. The usual range of audience segments is offered (gender, age, location), plus listening device, weather, time of day, and behavior.

The Audire advertising solutions are offered across all kinds of digital audio, extending to video games. “We know that 45% of people are entertained by mobile games, and with this trend in mind, we launched an in-game advertising solution that allows brands to connect with users in a native and immersive environment,” noted Gonzalo Borras, Managing Director of Audire for Latin America.

Doubling down on the in-game market, the company has launched a specialty division: Audire In-Game, offering brands what the company calls “a unique entry point into the heart of the gaming experience.

Partnering with Borras is Carlos Cordoba, Managing Director for Europs and the U.S, Cordoba, an audio advertising veteran, was the founder of and RedMas (both acquired by Cisneros), General Director of Audio and Mobile at Entravision Cisneros Interactive, Managing Director of Justmob and the Latin American representative of Anzu at Entravision. (See RAIN coverage of HERE, and Cisneros HERE.)

Brad Hill