Meta joins Magellan Top 15 podcast advertisers; seven are nine-month repeaters

In Magellan AI’s latest monthly report of top podcast advertisers, tracking December activity, we see many of the same brands that have populated the Top 15 Spenders list for the last nine months. (Seven advertisers, to be exact.) BetterHelp, the online therapy service which even casual podcast listeners know about, retains the #1 position through that entire run. In September the company spent $8.2-million, far above the #2 spender Amazon ($3.5-million).

Meta, the new corporate brand and holding company of Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and other social/tech brands, enters the Magellan Top Spenders list for the first time. Magellan calculates that Meta spent $2.1-million on podcast marketing.

Following is RAIN’s current track of Magellan’s valuable and always interesting measurements.

Graphic by RAIN. Data from Magellan AI.


Brad Hill