MusicWatch creates “Generation Audio” with eight age demos

“Audio is a category ripe for segmentation.” –Russ Crupnick, Managing Partner, MusicWatch


MusicWatch has ingeniously (and laboriously) measured listening tendencies and habits across a wide age spectrum, breaking down the results by individual. The result is a more granular representation of age-group listening than the standard generational demographics. MusicWatch calls these groupings “audio clusters.”

Generation Audio: A Different Way to Look At Audio Listeners

The percentages in circles indicate percent of internet population 13-99.

“We looked at audio habits from a different perspective,” said Managing Partner Russ Crupnick in a blog post. “starting with a view of how listening changes each year between ages 13 to 99. Specifically, we examined the hours that each age group spent listening to music and podcasts, and how interested they were in programming such as news or sports. The spectrum of music ranged from owned formats such as CDs, downloads or vinyl, to streaming, music livestreams, music on TV and music on social media and video platforms such as TikTok.”

Brad Hill