Grab attention on radio; blend into podcasts: New research from Audacy / Veritonic

Audacy and Veritonic have released SoundCreative, a whitepaper summary of research performed last fall. The subtitle describes the work’s purpose: “How To Build Winning Audio Ads.” (It’s free HERE.)

The consumer survey was combined with proprietary content analysis.

The focus is equally on radio and podcast ads. “Audio ads have a unique advantage over visual media as they enter our ears, travel to our brains, and immediately enhance recall, preference, and purchase intent,” the study asserts.

Four categories of result are featured:

  • Sonic branding
  • Music
  • Voice
  • Message

Taking each in turn, the report offers linked examples of audio brands, musical underscoring, and voice performance. This is the most interactive part of the PDF report.

When it comes to length and copy, the report finds that 30 seconds is the ideal length; commercials of that length outperform in engagement, brand engagement, and recall. The advice is to create two to four variations of an ad. And, naturally, to “Mention your brand. A lot.”

Finally, there are “Insider Secrets” specific to radio and podcasting:

Get the full report HERE.

Brad Hill