Most on-air radio pros expect AI job destruction (Jacobs Media)

In today’s edition of Fred Jacobs daily column (HERE), we learn a research metric which conveys the apprehension of on-air radio professionals facing the advancing wave of synthetic voices driven by AI. The upshot is that 76% of surveyed respondents either agree or strongly agree that AI will lead to job loss.

The  metric results from research conducted by Jacobs Media, which surveyed 500 radio air personalities working at commercial stations. The slide below illustrates widespread apprehension around job stability:

Jacobs Media slide. Fred Jacobs will present a full deck at Morning Show Boot Camp 35 in Dallas, August 10. Registration here:

Only nine percent of respondents disagree or strongly disagree with the premise of job loss.

“AI isn’t going anywhere,” Jacobs observes. “Let’s learn about its capabilities and its ability to better and hurt brands – and people – and see if there are ways to further radio’s position in the media hierarchy.”

Brad Hill