RAIN Notes: Friday, July 28

Jottings of note:



Oppenheimer beats Barbie in podcasting — that’s the conclusion at podcast intelligence company Podchaser, which used its analytics tools to measure movie mentions across the top 5,000 English-language podcasts, plus all podcasts which mentioned either movie in their descriptions. . The test happened from July 15-22, during which the Oppenheimer film was mentioned 4,020 times vs. 3,021 references to Barbie. Chief Product Officer Dave Keine notes that Oppenheimer can penetrate more podcast categories (like history and science) than Barbie. READ



iHeartPodcasts announced “Shattering The System,” a new podcast from MARCO, the multi-platform media company representing the voice and perspectives of Black people, indigenous people and people of color. We are told it’s a 10-episode series focused on what iHeart characterizes as “the twisted world” of convicted felon Ed Buck. The show drops August 3. TRAILER


Quick Clips

Audio + video recording platform Riverside has introduced Magic Clips, promoted as a no-effort, AI-driven instant generator of promotional video clips for podcasters. The key rationale is that podcast audiences are attracted to shows via social posts of podcast excerpts — especially video. Click HERE fo a full explanation and an entertaining video.


July 28, 2023

Brad Hill