Milk Music launches sports programming of college game streams

Music milk logo canvasMilk Music, the streaming platform from Samsung, has added a sports genre to its programming. This category will include live streams of college sporting events. The start of the NCAA season is a big source of content for the service, which will stream more than 900 college football games and conference championships from 122 schools. It will also stream more than 3,000 college men’s basketball games when that season begins. Listeners will be able to access all Milk’s sports programming from the app on their mobile devices or TVs. Milk’s sports genre also aims to include talk content from CBS Radio National Sports Talk shows down the road.

Sports was one of the major features in TuneIn’s new Premium subscription tier. We’ve also seen lots of heavy crossover between sports fans and podcasting. Between Sports Illustrated becoming a partner program provider for the Panoply network and former ESPN host Bill Simmons teaming with HBO for a new show, the interest in sports programming for digital tools is currently high.

Anna Washenko