The how, when, and where of UK audio listening (MIDAS report from RAJAR)

RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Limited) has released the fall 2023 edition of its MIDAS (Measurement of Internet Delivered Audio) Services metrics report.

A 17-page document (free available HERE), it sweeps across the entire audio landscape in the UK. The work is divided into sections:

  • Overview
  • Live Radio
  • Catch up Radio (not clearly defined)
  • On Demand Music
  • Podcasts
  • Time of Day

In addition to those headers, some of the metrics include music CDs, vinyl records, and audiobooks. The graph below reveals a broad overview of audio reach across categories and listener generations:

Interestingly, RAJAR removed radio listening to chart five-year trends. The graph reveals the reach of on-demand music growing the most during that trend, even as it dips in 2023. The other growth story is for podcasts.

We learn that listening to live radio is still dominated by traditional radio sets, which deliver 40% of radio’s share. And, that most of radio’s reach (56%) is in-vehicle listening.

In podcast listening, the UK audience is smoothly spread across age groups:

  • 15-34: 38%
  • 35-46: 36%
  • 55+: 26%

Unlike radio listening, most of podcast consumption (61%) happens in the home, and only 13% in-car.

When do UK consumers listen to audio? That answer is dramatically definitive for radio, though less so for the other audio types:

Download the free report HERE.

Brad Hill