Megaphone brings podcast advertising to Google Campaign Manager

Panoply announced that its Megaphone podcast platform has been integrated with Google Campaign Manager. The Google tool helps advertisers and agencies to manage digital campaigns for websites and mobile through ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting features. Panoply’s partners can now validate the delivery of podcast ad campaigns in real time thanks to this new partnership.

“As we look toward improving our measurement capabilities this year, Campaign Manager was a natural fit,” Panoply Media CEO Brendan Monaghan said. “Providing access to one of the leading campaign management services will allow us to support our existing partners while appealing to new advertisers that are looking to incorporate podcasting into their marketing strategy.”

Megaphone’s integration will allow podcast campaigns to be managed alongside other digital channels, such as social, video, or display. The Google Campaign Manager can keep all of those campaigns under one hub. Google Campaign Manager stemmed from the DoubleClick tool. It is a web-based ad management system for advertisers and agencies.

Anna Washenko