Media Scan: Best coverage of the Apple-Beats acquisition

beats audio and apple 300wApple and Beats Electronics reached a final merger agreement in which Beats is folded into Apple, probably by September. Facts are emerging and suppositions are flowing.

The overview

In a brilliantly reasoned examination of Apple’s business crisis and key advantage, Mark Mulligan of the Music Industry Blog lays out possible consequences of the Apple/Beats deal for both Apple and the streaming-music industry.

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What was really acquired?

Apple’s press release mentions Beats Music first. The Beats headphone and speaker business is part of the deal, but has not come up much in prepared and informal remarks.

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Is it an acquihire?

Acquihires are talent acquisitions masquerading as technology or product acquisitions. In this case, Apple clearly wants (and needs) an interactive streaming service, and is probably glad to have the robust electronics side of Beats. But Tim Cook, and many media observers, are emphasizing the value of Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre as talent acquisitions

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The business and economics of the deal

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