Six podcast advertisers in Top 15 for 12 straight months; zero newcomers (Magellan AI)

Magellan AI released its always-interesting Top Spenders list, itemizing the highest 15 spenders for April. BetterHelp lands in the #1 spot, as it has for the last 12 months in today’s RAIN analysis of this ranker. (Magellan AI analyzes podcast advertising data from the top 3,000 podcasts in the U.S., as ranked by Apple Podcasts, and applies several factors. See HERE.)

With a March investment of $7.7-million, nearly identical to the company’s March investment, BetterHelp tripled the monthly spend of the #2-ranked advertiser ZipRecruiter, which spent $2.4M and has appeared on this list 10 times in a 12-month span.

Notably, there are no new entrants in Magellan’s Top 15 during RAIN’s April-to-April comparison. (See below.)

In RAIN’s month-over-month comparison, we see BetterHelp and five other advertisers in the Top 15 list in each month for 12 months.

(For full-size image, click HERE.)


Brad Hill