YouTube leads other platforms for podcasts that “simulcast” on YouTube

In an interesting piece of research from Podtrac, YouTube had a larger share of podcast plays for shows that distribute full video episodes on YouTube. Following is a key illustration of the study results:

This chart quantifies monthly view and download sources.

Importantly, only “full” video episodes were considered in this study — that means not only full length, but also complete videography that Podtrac defines as “people talking on camera.”

In this exercise Podtrac analyzed the availability of weekly podcasts on YouTube among Podtrac’s top 250 measured podcasts for February 2022, 63 podcasts total. Of those, 20 podcasts (32%) of that group met the “full video” criteria.

So — smallish sample size, but the results add dimension to the growing idea that putting a podcast on YouTube is a good idea for discoverability. Podtrac’s work points to YouTube as a potential leader in audience reach.


Brad Hill