Magellan intros “similar shows” dashboard for intelligently expanding ad campaigns

Magellan AI has unleashed a dashboard feature which is not distinctly named, but functions to reveal podcasts with similar audiences.

In a graphic example of how it works for advertisers, we see podcasts in which ads have performed well, and similar podcasts for potential campaign extension.

Success in the first podcast can be ranked by response rate, purchase conversion rate, or install conversion rate. The recommended podcasts address what Magellan calls “similar audiences” — not necessarily similar topical podcasts. In the graphic example below, we see Business Wars spinning off similar podcasts that are generally about business, but across a spectrum of interests. (Note that the suggested similar podcasts start with four shows, and can be expanded to 50 more.)

This is a self-service feature; Magellan invited advertisers to click on a show “to connect with the podcast directly.” Doing so reveals what types of promotional marketing the show accepts — host-read, dynamic insertion, renewal rate, and other defining characteristics.

“It’s not just for advertisers,” Magellan reminds us. “Publishers with access to a campaign’s response and conversion data will be able to see which of their podcasts are most similar to top-performing shows in the advertiser’s campaign.”

Brad Hill