LyricFind will handle lyrics licensing for the Grammys

lyricfind logoThe Grammys award show is scheduled for February 12, and LyricFind announced that it will be responsible for the event’s lyric licensing. Any time song lyrics are posted by The Recording Academy or the Grammys, LyricFind will ensure that it is done legally and that the rights-holders are compensated. This royalty activity will apply to use of lyrics before and during the awards ceremony.

“We’re treating these lyric excerpts the way we’d treat a full lyric display, and paying a royalty for the snippet that is equal to the royalty for the full song,” LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne said.

This year’s nominations reflected the successes of many artists who opted for alternative distribution paths for their latest projects. The awards show often yields some interesting data points about streaming increases and moments of cultural zeitgeist, so we’ll be staying tuned for any compelling narratives that emerge from this year’s ceremony.

Anna Washenko