Interview with Eric Nuzum of Audible in Nashville

At RAIN Summit Nashville last month, Eric Nuzum of Audible sat for an interview with RAIN President Brad Hill to discuss on-demand audio, podcasting, and Amazon-owned Audible’s new ventures. Nuzum is SVP, Original Content Development at Audible.

“My mission is to expand digital audio to people who aren’t listening yet,” said Nuzum, explaining why he doesn’t like the word ‘podcasting,’ explaining that there is awareness gap in which too many consumers don’t know what podcasting is. “The first key to is not using terms that put up walls.”

Here is the full interview:

Fireside Chat: Eric Nuzum, SVP, Original Content Development, Audible (with Brad Hill) from RAIN Summits on Vimeo.

Brad Hill

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I’m in Nashville and sorry I missed it live!

    I think you guys are dead-on regarding using terms that bring people in. Between that and the technology Audible already has in place to make consumption of audio easy for people, I think their involvement in audio content beyond standard audio books is going to help podcasters in a big way.

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