Interchangeable Ad Slots: Acast’s method of increasing inventory

Global podcast company Acast sent an interesting notice about a tech innovation called Interchangeable Ad Slots. The system takes advantage of Acast’s basic system setting which reserves each ad slot for one of two ad types: host reads, or pre-recorded brand commercials. The new technology can discern which type is reserved for a slot, and override that setting by selling and delivering the other type.

Acast says this bit of technical manipulation increases total inventory by 10%. Acast has been trialing Interchangeable Ad Slots with a group of creators for some time and will now roll it out across its network.

“We’re continually exploring product enhancements to increase the value proposition of our marketplace to advertisers and, in turn, earnings potential for our podcast creators. Interchangeable Ad Slots allow us to pursue our mission of building the most valuable podcasting marketplace in a scalable, automated way” says Ross Adams, CEO of Acast.

Brad Hill