iHeartRadio sneaks into the top spot in Podtrac’s April 2020 publisher ranking

Podtrac released its ranking of the top 20 podcast publishers for April 2020. iHeartRadio edged out NPR for the top spot, thanks to a U.S. unique monthly audience of 22.57 million, compared with nearly 21.81 million for the public media juggernaut. However, NPR still leads in terms of global unique streams and downloads, with almost 202.37 million over iHeartRadio’s nearly 200.79 million.

Only three publishers from the ranker saw their global download figures increase between March and April. WNYC Studios, American Public Media, and WBUT were the trio with growth from one month to the next. Unique monthly audience fell for all 20 of the publishers.

Anna Washenko