iHeartRadio available for passengers on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has added iHeartRadio as the exclusive music offering for its suite of on-board entertainment. Passengers will be able to access live radio, custom artist stations, and curated playlists themed specifically for inflight listening such as “Pass the Time” and “Kids Zone.” iHeartRadio will be made available on Southwest’s WiFi-equipped planes serviced by Global Eagle. Passengers will be able to use iHeartRadio without a WiFi purchase for the flight.

“We continue to expand iHeartRadio’s massive distribution platform to ensure that we are available everywhere our listeners are with the products and services they use most,” said Michele Laven, iHeartMedia’s president of strategic partnerships. “We are proud to team up with Southwest Airlines to bring the music, radio stations, and on-air personalities people love inflight, continuing to entertain our listeners and Southwest passengers as they travel to their destinations.”

Anna Washenko