Employees want to hear podcasts — from their bosses.

A 2021 Kantar study of American employees found that 83% of respondents are interesting in getting company news via podcasts, and 78% would like to hear from company leadership via internal podcasts.  An appetite for work-specific audio is the impetus behind FieldCast — which supported the Kantar research — a full-service platform for private enterprise podcasting. Continue Reading


After delay, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions launches today

After a delay to fix widely reported bugs, Apple announces today a firm launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, a platform for creators and networks to offer paid listening plans. In most cases, those plans will offer listeners and ad-free experience, and/or unique content not given to non-paying followers. (What will this do to the ongoing confusion of the word “Subscribe” in free podcasts?) Continue Reading


“We were not surprised.” Jon Stephenson, head of Live365, on the new CRB royalty rates

In a continuing follow-up to Friday’s CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) ruling on non-interactive music streaming royalty rates (called Web V), we spoke to Jon Stephenson, CEO of Media Creek, the parent company of webcasting platform Live365. Good planning and a big platform are easing the transition into a new royalty-rate period. Continue Reading