James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: Infinite Dial UK results, and ‘Local BBC Radio’

by James Cridland

James Cridland returns with the latest installment of his weekly column. In this edition, James enthuses about the first Infinite Dial UK released by Edison Research. Also, the all-podcast radio format has been dropped from two iHeartMedia stations after “dismal audience figures,” DAB in Brisbane, and how BBC Radio 4 dropped off the air. Continue Reading


UK beats US in online audio listening; loves Spotify and podcasts

United Kingdom residents beat the U.S. when it comes to consuming online audio, and especially enjoys Spotify. Those are two of the many comparative analytics revealed today by Edison Research in the company’s presentation of the first instance of its Infinite Dial consumer survey brand focused on the British Isles,  Infinite Dial UK 2021. Click through for bunches of metrics, graphics, and a link to the entire study. Continue Reading


Spotify 2021 Wrapped: Launch, crash, technical elitism, and no solution for disappointed users

After weeks of anticipatory promotion, Spotify unleashed its annual “Wrapped” feature yesterday. Unfortunately, the package is available only in the mobile app, and the video presentation requires memory and operating system resources that are unavailable on some phones. The result is a wave of social media complaints that the Wrapped experience crashes quickly, and closes the Spotify app. We present Spotify’s tech requirements, without providing a universally accessible format. We also review the Wrapped personalized playlists, which are quite enjoyable and don’t have special requirements. Continue Reading


New Car Buyers Survey (Edison) details mixed numbers for American radio

Edison Research has released a new study: 2021 Car Buyers Survey. ONe key learning is that 90% of car buyers expect broadcast radio to be standard in-car equipment. As we thumb through the slides, we note some comparative metrics that position American consumers as more detached from in-car listening to AM/FM than in other countries. Click through for details and graphics. Continue Reading