Facebook is hiring a music licensing expert

Facebook logo canvasFacebook is hiring for a director of global music licensing partnerships. The social network is looking for candidates to “lead music licensing strategy and negotiations with rights holders throughout the world” and “ensure a comprehensive music strategy.”

Even though launching an on-demand streaming service is the hip thing to do these days, it seems more likely that Facebook’s licensing needs are centered on collaborating with other services. The company’s leaders have been vocal about their vision of video as the primary medium for social sharing. Hiring in this capacity could ensure that the audio component of the audiovisual format is done legally.

Facebook has also had close ties with streaming services over the years. At one point, there were Spotify buttons on artists’ official pages, and there are still widgets for sharing most recently-listened songs to profile pages. The company might be looking into more ways to share clips or full songs on its own platform.

Anna Washenko