EmpireStreaming rolls out total publisher monetization tool, based on key metric

Internet radio hosting company EmpireStreaming has has announced a new monetization methodology, launch as a product called Empire Audience Network. the new initiative emphasizes monetization through RPM (revenue per thousand listening hours), a metric the company is positioning as helpful to small- and mid-sized audio publishers. If RPM has a familiar ring, it might be because of Pandora’s emphasis on the metric in its quarterly earnings reports, and RAIN News’ advocacy of the metric as a key gauge of monetization efficiency.

The Empire Audience Network sells across all the stations on Empire’s platform, which includes Live365 stations, and allows EmpireStreaming to combine a range of elements, such as audio, display, video, data, ad break sequencing, consumption behaviors, and user engagement. Empire Audience Network is available to its hosted clients in AM/FM terrestrial radio stations, pureplay music services, and podcasts.

“There’s much more to monetization to meet the needs of audio publishers today,” EmpireStreaming CEO Jon Stephenson said. “By taking an RPM-first approach, we’re able to fully optimize an audio publisher’s audience at aggregate scale, working with leading technology and advertising partners.”

EmpireStreaming is part of the recently launched audio holding company Media Creek, founded by a trio of audio industry experts.

Anna Washenko