Emmis launches subscription streaming app for hip hop fans

Emmis streaming appWe learned from Inside Radio that Emmis Communications announced the launch of its second mobile app for music streaming. The app is named Where Hip Hop Lives, and it’s available for iOS. It combines streams of Emmis’ popular Hot 97 station in New York and Power 106 station in Los Angeles with programming including news, interviews, and live performances centered on the genre.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but that tier is ad-supported. It does have a subscription component, where listeners can pay $3.99 a month to eliminate the commercials. Paid access also grants access to a separate station within the app called New at 2 that focuses on new songs and up-and-coming artists.

“This is a way to package all the compelling exclusive content we generate and give it to our listeners and other listeners in a way that is unique,” said Deon Levingston, general manager of Emmis New York. “People are starting to get used to paying for exclusive content.”

Anna Washenko

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  1. How original! Where Hip Hop Lives! Really? When will radio people quit thinking like radio people and see and understand the creative potential provided by the Internet. How about relating to the audience in a manner that stirs emotion and represents an extension of the listeners daily lifestyle experience; or the fantasy of it. Can you imagine any Hip Hop artist ever saying this is where Hip Hop lives… It’s too freaking WHITE! And they wonder why so many people say… Radio Sucks!

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