Earned media agency Critical Mention signs Podchaser analytics

In a sign of podcasting’s influencer power, Critical Mention — an agency which tracks and measures earned media (unpaid publicity) — has announced a partnership with podcast database platform Podchaser.

The arrangement will allow Critical Mention agency clients to track track and measure brand mentions across podcasting. With the signing, Critical Mention becomes the only all-in-one earned media platform with Podchaser’s dataset and podcast capture network built internally.

“Podcasting has quickly become a cornerstone of our customers’ media plans,” says Zack Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Sales and Accounting Management at Critical Mention. “We’re thrilled to partner with Podchaser to elevate our podcast monitoring service and further expand our Earned Media Suite.”

“The ability of podcasts to shape public opinion has been undeniable,” explained Cole Raven, Co-founder at Podchaser. “We’re excited to support Critical Mention as they make podcasting more transparent for brands and open up exciting opportunities for the industry.”

Brad Hill