DGital Media and Stand Up NY join to form Comedy Voices podcast network

DGital Media logo canvasSix-month old DGital Media announces today that it is joining with Stand Up NY Labs to create a humor podcast network called Comedy Voices. Stand Up NY is a live comedy club. Its Labs division started in January, 2013, and is a platform for audio and video content. Some of its better known shows include Race Wars featuring Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small, Tuesdays with Stories hosted by Joe List and Mark Normand and the Total Frat Move hosted by Jared Freid.

stand up ny labs 02Adding weight to this initiative, DGital Media has hired John McDermott as VP of Programming for Comedy Voices. McDermott has been in radio since 1992, and programmed comedy stations on Sirius and Sirius XM, where he was VP of Content & Entertainment. He said he intended to recruit podcast hosts from top talent that performs in Stand Up NY.

Hooking together existing programming in Labs with new programming leadership from DGital is the key for Dani Zoldan, owner of Stand Up NY. “The DGital team has the expertise in audio that we were seeking in a partner and with them we can seize the opportunity to expand our current platform which includes content hosted by some of the hottest young comedians today,” Zoldan said.

DGital Media has had a busy year. Founded in May as the production partner of Re/code Radio, the young company acquired ad sales firm WYD Media in June, created a fantasy sports podcast network in September, and launched DGital Media Studios just over a month ago.

Brad Hill