DAX U.S. will offer ad personalization tools with Frequency deal

DAX U.S., a branch of UK media and tech company Global, announced a new partnership with Frequency, which self-describes as the first “creative management company.” The deal will offer data-driven dynamic audio advertising for DAX clients, providing them with personalized ad creative based on real-time data and an individual’s listening history. Clients can use the Frequency tools alongside Listener Insight ID from DAX to track the results of those personalized spots.

“With data-driven capabilities, Frequency will enable a better ad experience for listeners and improve engagement for our advertisers across the DAX network,” said Matt Cutair, DAX US CEO. “In combination with Listener Insight ID, DAX can empower our advertisers with the tools to make more intelligent and informed decisions.”

“We’re excited to partner with DAX and showcase the power of the Frequency Creative Management Platform,” Frequency CEO Pete Jimison said. “Our partnership with DAX highlights the ways innovation in the audio space will continue to drive value for the entire ecosystem.”

Anna Washenko