DAX survey finds agencies and advertisers are bullish on digital audio, but still want better tools

DAX, the programmatic audio platform from UK broadcaster Global, has released research into the outlook for digital audio advertising in the UK. The data from research firm MTM examined the sentiments toward digital audio held by advertisers and media agencies. Interest is generally high, with 80% expecting to put more money into digital audio over the coming year.

Among the respondents, 79% said they believed reaching audience through voice platforms would be critical over the next year. Sixty-eight percent said they plan to create ads specifically for voice-activated devices this year. Podcasts are seen as having potential; 77% said they see podcasts as an untapped opportunity and 66% said they plan to advertise in podcasts in 2018.

The audience for digital audio also looks promising to these advertisers. Seventy-four percent said they believe digital audio listeners are highly engaged, and 86% said digital audio is “a great way to reach a listener in a one-to-one context, directly via their headphones.”

Even with the positive feelings, respondents did say they wanted better tools for measuring the return on investment and the effectiveness of digital audio ads in order to drive more growth.

Anna Washenko

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  1. This research is totally consistent with everything we are learning at Instreamatic.ai. We couldn’t agree more. Instreamatic’s core value resonates in perfect unison with this notion. Voice-activated audio advertising​ leads the pack in engagement due to the one-on-one ability to interact with consumers, allow short skippable ads and deliver relevant target actions powered by AI. Add to that our ability to deliver audio messages in the intimacy of a hands-free, screen-free, click-free, swipe-free environment and you have the perfect storm in engagement and advertiser ROI.

    The reception we are receiving from Tier 1 agencies across the globe confirms this survey. We have been approached by major agencies including Carat, IPG, Mediacom, OMD, VML, and several more. All keenly interested in voice-activated campaign pilots.

    We welcome all discussions and questions.

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