DAX announces programmatic sales director for U.S.

DAX has hired Tom Larkin for the role of programmatic sales director. This hire reinforces the U.S. programmatic initiative for DAX dedicated to making 90% of its inventory available programmatically. Larkin will work with demand side platforms to aid clients with the shift to programmatic audio advertising. He will also be tasked with setting up private marketplaces and working with media buyers on programmatic advertising education.

“DAX’s programmatic team and offering continues to grow here in the US,” said Jeffrey McCarthy, CRO of DAX US. “Hiring Tom will allow us to move forward with our ambition to make almost all our inventory available programmatically to advertisers. Given his background in the programmatic space and his experience of working with DSPs and the agency trading desks, he is the perfect choice to help us achieve our goals and deliver for our partners.”

“DAX has achieved a tremendous amount of success and has a clear vision on where it wants to be in the future,” said Larkin. “Having the opportunity to join DAX, when it is fully committed to integrating programmatic as it moves towards becoming the preferred choice among advertisers, is something that is very exciting to me. I’m eager to get the process started and to bring DAX’s vision to life.”

Anna Washenko