Dash Radio launches with $2 million, 60 stations, and celebrity power

dash radio android app 250wDash Radio has launched from its beta testing and is now operating live on the web and on mobile. The online radio platform has received $2 million of seed funding and already has a suite of 60 channels. It is available with apps on both iOS and Android.

“Broadcast radio is meant to be both curated and communal; where real humans dictate the music played for millions of listeners who experience it together, at the same time, in real time,” founder Scott Keeney said. “That is the promise that Dash Radio delivers.”

We took a spin through the beta version of Dash Radio in April and since then, the crew has added more star power to its roster. For instance, Snoop Dogg and Odd Future are DJing stations. Although many other online services, including Apple, have been bringing in celebrities as guest curators, Keeney was quick to point out that Dash’s choices are about more than a famous name. “We’re not a big fan of doing artist-branded channels: this isn’t just about going out and getting big names,” he said. “Snoop’s station isn’t a Snoop Dogg station.”

The service is free of charge and free of commercials. Rather than play ads, Dash is working with brands to launch limited-time pop-up stations. One of the currently playing ones is centered on Entourage, the television show that’s being turned into a movie.

Anna Washenko