CrowdTunes launches crowd-controlled music for venues, powered by 7digital

crowdtunes 01 300wAfter a round of user and venue testing, CrowdTunes announced its launch today. The streaming service, which is designed for public venues like bars and restaurants, is powered by U.K.-based technology provider 7digital.

CrowdTunes is an innovative product that invites customers to control a restaurant’s background music. “CrowdTunes enables patrons of any type of establishment to actually be the DJ while interacting with their friends and other customers,” said Brandon Magsamen, CEO and co-founder. “It solves an industry problem by giving both venues and users a more interesting and customized experience with music in one of the most important natural listening environments for discovery.”

It works via mobile app for customers, free to download on iOS and Android. Users bid on songs, using in-app credits which can be earned through social sharing or purchased. Songs with high credit counts get moved to the front of the playlist queue.

For bar owners, Crowd Tunes is an attraction that could keep patrons in their seats longer. Owners have macro control of the music, selecting genres and filtering out explicit songs.

The musical mechanism is powered by 7digital, which recently announced several new contracts.

Brad Hill