Children’s audio platform Pinna splits from Panoply as a standalone

Pinna, an audio subscription platform for children, is spinning out from its parent company as a standalone company. The service, which offers podcasts, audiobooks, and music, was initially launched in October 2017 by Panoply Media. As a standalone entity, Pinna will be backed by Graham Holdings and helmed by CEO Maggie McGuire. It will retain the same subscription pricing structure as it did under Panoply, with access to a mobile app running $7.99 a month or $79.99 for a year. The content will be supplied by third-party operations such as Gen Z Media, Scholastic, Highlights, and American Public Media.

Panoply has been ramping down its efforts in content creation in favor of its back-end programs such as the Megaphone hosting platform.

Anna Washenko