Bulgaria’s largest radio group signs with Triton Digital

We don’t often receive news from Bulgaria, and today we learn that the country’s largest radio group, Fresh Media Bulgaria, has signed Triton Digital to leverage Triton’s streaming tech stack, services, and network. The imperatives are to increase ad revenue, build audience, and streamline day-to-day operations on the streaming side.

Dynamic ad insertion is a major part of Triton’s role in this agreement. Fresh Media Bulgaria will also become part of Triton’s Supply Side platform, which is integrated into the stack — the idea there is to maximize revenue opportunities through programmatic ad buys.

Fresh Media Bulgaria has seen impressive growth since joining Triton Digital’s network, the publisher’s debut was the third largest in Triton’s EMEA streaming ranker in 2021 despite being in a geographical market with the smallest population among the publishers listed in the ranker. Additionally, Fresh Media Bulgaria was among the top ten publishers and earned the second largest Average Time Spent Listening (ATSL) per session in Triton’s October 2021 EMEAstreaming ranker. 

“We are excited to be partnering with Fresh Media Bulgaria,” said Stephanie Donovan Head of Global Revenue, Triton Digital. “It has always been Triton’s mission to connect audio, audience and advertisers to not only grow the global online audio industry, but to help our customers enhance the quality of their audio programming. It’s inspiring to see Fresh Media Bulgaria leverage our technology to do just that.” 

“Partnering with Triton Digital means that we are able to create a more efficient and successful streaming audio advertising strategy,” said Nikolay Yanchovichin, General Manager, Fresh Media Bulgaria. “Their platforms, specifically built for audio advertisers, will allow our team to expand the reach of our radio programs and provide the best audio experience for our listeners. As the biggest radiogroup in Bulgaria we are always first to bring the best innovative solutions to the Bulgarian market and to help to develop the radio industry and to bring it to the digital world.” 


Brad Hill