CRB Rate Ruling: $.0017 for Pandora et al, SoundExchange wanted $.0025

copyright royalty boardAt 5:15 Eastern U.S. time, the Copyright Royalty Board released the outline of its Webcaster IV ruling, setting royalty rates paid by Internet radio to music labels for the 2016-2020.

The headline number: $.0017 — that is Pandora’s payment number, per stream, for music owned by any artist or label that does not have a private agreement with Pandora. During this year’s litigation, SoundExchange, arguing for record labels, requested $.0025.

There is something new in the CRB process this time: no rates set for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Instead, the CRB will tie those rates to the Consumer Price Index. With inflation currently running low, that implies stable rates.

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Brad Hill


  1. Done streaming…F— you corporate giants. Pay the songwriters that are making you rich… No more streaming for Brother Sun Sister Moon, Dave Lamber & The Motivators. #Tiredofthisshit!

    • Many streams are hobby stations that rely on donations from listeners to get by. Unlike Pandora, Accuradio, et al, these hobby stations can’t afford these rate hikes.

      This station is an example: http://www.kliteonline.com/

    • I’ve lurked on that site. The forum members act rather negative towards anyone who doesn’t praise corporate radio.

  2. F— The CRB ! They are the Music Mafia !
    t is with a deep sadness and a heavy heart that I must inform our wonderful, loyal listeners that have been so good to us , that the time has come for us to close our doors. Not something I wanted to do , but was put in a choke hold and forced to do by the Copyright Royalty Board.being the thugs that they are !

    The Copyright Royalty Board along with many other members of the music industry’s thug patrol who we refer to as the Music Mafia, along with The FCC and FM Radio, The internet radio giants, Pandora and congress have passed a bill called HR-1733 which basically cripples all small broadcasters all across the USA.
    This is a tragedy for many many reasons but most importantly, people in congress really dropped the ball bigtime on this one !
    It puts the licensing rates SO HIGH that any small broadcaster anywhere cannot afford to pay the fee. Thus, once again , congress & their henchmen, paving the way for the rich and kicking us poor hobby broadcasters in the balls once again !

    They have allowed FM radio to NEVER pay royalties until this bill came along. FM Radio has never given ONE dime to the artists for playing their wonderful music we so have enjoyed for the last 8 years ! And they never got fined , sued, jailed , nothing !

    If that had been a small broadcaster like me, i would have been threatned by the music mafia to pay or go to jail ! But FM . . . . .Nothing !
    They rip off the artist for years and get rewarded with total control with the internets airwaves , while we pay licensing fee’s for years and we get told pay these stupid outlandish prices or shut down . . . . .and the fairness in this is where ?
    They call it the fair play fair pay bill . . . . . .bullshit ! It’s just another way to scam money from people !

    For years we small broadcasters have been paying licensing fee’s to stay legal on the internet, paying our dues in appreciation for the hobby we so love. We all had a dream of one day climbing that ladder to make a name for ourselves, to achieve success.
    Some didnt have that dream , they just wanted to enjoy what they loved to do.
    Now that dream has been stomped on, spat on, and kicked to the curb by the very people we entrust to treat us fairly. It’s shameful !

    They really dont realize that this bill doesnt just cripple the broadcasters, it also hurts MANY other businesses as well !
    Every small internet radio station that wants to look presentable gets other amenities to appear appealing to attract more guests. Your talking about a whole slew of businesses affected by this thief in the night bill !

    * Streaming Servers
    * Chatrooms and servers
    * Messengers
    * communities and servers
    * Games
    * Webhosting and servers
    and many other services that they PAY for !
    Well guess what ? Now those businesses are going to lose too, because with unaffordable rates, why do you need those ammenities ?
    If you think we are talking small money , think again. This bill put literally THOUSANDS of small internet stations out of business, my costs alone were in the nighborhood of $350.00 per month to keep BullsEye Radio going with all the wonderful things we had.
    Times that by just 1000 stations ! It’s mind boggling how many businesses will suffer with one swipe of a pen ! Your talking literally Millions of dollars in revenue for businesses. All those fees that the Licensing services USED to get will be gone, Now they get squat !

    I personally have had dealings with some major celebrities , not no name people , Im talking Tommy James , Connie Francis, Steve Boone of the Lovin’ Spoonful and more , and I can tell you first hand , the royalties they get, do not match up to what the music mafia is taking ! They are lining their pockets !

    They are getting their homes, cars, vacations, expensive restaurant meals, and more all paid for by you and I !

    It’s not right that I have done this for 8 years and they dont give one shit about us small people ! They are too busy kissing FM radio’s ass ! Shame on you ! Shame on the people in power that let this happen ! Shame on FM radio for being thieves for 40+ Years ! And shame on Jerrold Nadler the biggest thief of them all for even proposing such a ass screwing bill !
    If I was an artist, I wouldnt be happy in the least about this ! Now thousands of stations go down , thousands of people will not hear the oldies, the songs of the past, the memories they loved. The artist’s music will go silent in THOUSANDS of stations !
    FM radio is phasing them out and making way for the new music which in my opinion, 50% is nothing but garbage !

    So good for you Congress ! You screwed your constituents once again !
    I hope your proud of yourself !
    You just made thousands of broadcasters all across the USA hate your guts !
    And I am one of them !

  3. This is an unfair ruling and should never have been passed, Now I, and many other people will no longer be able to be part of a community, that has been like a family, enjoying the oldies, meeting people from across the country. I am extremely disappointed that this legislations passed, I personally requested that it be voted down, I am a registered voter and will remember at re-election time.

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